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Welcome to Wooden Toys (UK), Manufacturers and Traders of Traditional Wooden Toys and Hand Made Gifts from the Czech Republic since 1994.
Wooden Toys (UK) built good working relationships with the majority of Czech wooden toy producers. We manufacture a small collection of traditional wooden games, garden chairs, wooden kitchen articles and other wooden components and supply a wide range of quality Czech wooden toys to importers, distributors, retailers, mail order and workshops from Prague, Czech Republic or Yorkshire, England.
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Wooden Toys (UK),

3 Park View,
York Y026 8AT.


Wooden Toys (UK),

Na Vysluni 1013,
25219 Rudna - Prague,
Czech Republic.
Tel.: 00 420 311 679 870.
Fax.: 00 420 311 679 870.

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The CD-Rom Catalogue.

Please download the easy to use catalogue showing all the best selling traditional wooden toy favourites and many more. Please contact us for prices and further information.


This easy to use CD-ROM comes with a free viewer and offers a collection of about 2000 traditional wooden toys and hand made gifts from the Czech Republic. Some of the toys are traditionally designed by childhood curriculum experts. Simple toys and games that are important introductions to sensory motor skill development and movement skills designed to aid a child’s development while making sure they have fun and learn. On request most toys are also available unassembled in kit form, which children can paint, glue and assemble.

You are requested to ask for prices for items seen on this catalogue by contacting us and quoting the relevant page or product numbers.

You can also receive pictures and details by e-mail.

The Best Selling Wooden Toys Catalogue
As seen on this web site, this range of traditional hand made wooden toys includes all the original favourites and some of the best wooden toys sold wholesale in the U.K. since 1994 and through the years. There is an emphasis on natural quality, originality and use in mind. Adults also have the opportunity to purchase unique and inspiring Works of Art normally only available from Galleries or specialist shops. Some toys use forces on the British National curriculum for schools and centres and are durable and exciting educational aids. Toys are hand crafted, certified safe by European Standards & Norms [CE EN71] and most of them are Eco-Friendly. The ranges of traditional games will be available on this web site in the coming months.

For further information about the types of wood used, production and design please contact us.

This best selling traditional wooden toys catalogue is also available by e-mail or snail mail [post].


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Na Vysluni 1013, 25219 Rudna - Prague, Czech Republic
Tel.: 00 420 311 679 870Fax.: 00 420 311 679 870
E-mail: contact@woodentoys.cz

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